New Cannabis Craft Beers, Cold Brews, and Teas Are Here

two roots brewing co marijuana

If someone told your younger self — the one who secretly smoked joints in the woods behind school and used a bottle of Febreeze to cover the smell — that your adult self could order a cannabis beer, cold brew coffee, or tea in public, you’d say, “Woah! I’ll have what you’re having, because that’s crazy!”

We’re living in that future now since Cannabiniers, a brand management company working to revolutionize the cannabis industry, has expanded its “alternative beverage portfolio” to include Two Roots Brewing Co., the world’s first line of “CannaCrafted” non-alcoholic, THC- and CBD-infused craft beer, and Just Society, a line of THC- and CBD-infused, cold-brewed coffees and teas.

Woah is right.

The impetus for these developments began with coffee. (If you read The Manual regularly, you know how

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