Who Is Josh Leyva? The ‘Cooking On High’ Host Is A YouTube Sensation

Cannabis enthusiasts were left with a weed-less Netflix gallery after the sudden cancellation of Netflix original series Disjointed, but where one door closes, another one opens. And behind that new door is Netflix’s latest original marijuana-focused series, Cooking on High. The show is essentially Gordon Ramsay’s Master Chef plus weed, and it’s going to be hosted by Josh Leyva. If you’re not subscribed to his videos on YouTube, you may be wondering who Josh Leyva is.

“TV Host” is new to his resume, but Leyva has been entertaining audiences with his comedic videos, zany impersonations, and ridiculous challenges for quite some time. And in the past, you may have come across some of his viral content without even realizing it.

You might recognize him more easily as the guy who impersonates Zayn Malik or annoys his girlfriend. While scrolling through Twitter, Facebook,

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