Stirring the Pot with Cannabis Chef Andrea Drummer

There was once a time when Andrea Drummer was completely against cannabis. That is until she met a cannabis advocate whose success and productivity as an attorney challenged her point of view and opened her mind to the possibilities of how she could use the botanical wonder in her own profession.

She started a culinary events company called Elevation VIP Cooperative and began curating high-end fine dining experiences via private cannabis-infused functions and invite-only VIP dinners in Los Angeles. Since then, the classically-trained Le Cordon Bleu graduate has been trailblazing through the industry with cooking that combines French technique and Southern cuisine.

She took some time to talk about her craft, her favorite strains to cook with, and how excited she is to be a part of the first cannabis cooking competition airing on Netflix this month.

High Times: What does the cannabis culinary scene look like in L.A.?


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