GBBO, The Gong Show, and a cooking show with pot: all coming this week on reality TV

Gong Show season two, Tommy Maitland, Mike Myers, Ch'nsync

It’s Monday, which means five days until one of television’s best shows returns: The Great British Baking Show makes its return to the U.S. (PBS, Fridays at 9).

PBS is airing the UK’s season three, even though this is the fifth season to air in the States. (Confused? Here’s a handy guide to the numbering of Bake-Off and Baking Show seasons.)

Anyway, UK season three means it’s before the mass exodus and thus hosted by Mel and Sue and judged by Mary and Paul.

Correction: Season two of MTV Floribama Shore has been moved to July 9.

For some dumb television—though it is self-aware stupidity—check out The Gong Show, which is back for season two (ABC, Thursdays

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