New Data Shows Smoking Marijuana Is A Dying Trend

Photographer: Chris Roussakis/Bloomberg

The typical cannabis user is often represented with images of stoners and potheads blowing out massive plumes of smoke after taking a hit off a joint or a makeshift bong. But this is not the future of cannabis consumption, according to the findings in a new report.

It seems that smoking marijuana is a dying trend. Now that more health-conscious cannabis consumers are searching for alternatives to inhaling their buzz, the cannabis industry has set its sights on this multi-billion dollar market with products destined to make pot-consumption more socially acceptable.

“No one does it [smokes] anymore,” Dooma Wendschuh, co-founder of Belleville, Ont.-based Province Brands, a company that will market a cannabis-infused beer, told CBC News. “Smoking has lost, and beverages are how we like to become altered.”

We already know that the cannabis edibles market is

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