Netflix to Debut ‘Cooking on High,’ a New Cannabis Cooking Competition

Netflix will unveil its newest original cooking show, “Cooking On High,” on June 22. The series is in the style of cooking competition programs such as “Iron Chef,” but with a particular twist — all recipes must be prepared with cannabis, and be psychoactive enough to give the celebrity judges a buzz.

Hosted by YouTube wunderkind Josh Leyva, the program will highlight fellow comedian, notorious cannabis enthusiast and Cannabis Now contributor Ngaio Bealum as resident “culinary weed expert.”

Bealum promises to be quite the draw, with a personality that merges comical schtick and an activist sensibility. As the Sacramento Bee reports, Bealum previously co-hosted the online TV series “Cannabis Planet” and has appeared on “The Sarah Silverman Program.” His bio page calls him “an American comedian, musician, writer, actor, activist,

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