5 medical marijuana sales sites approved for Columbus

Medical marijuana could be coming to a street near you.

Franklin County will receive five dispensaries, scattered across Columbus.

The dispensary awardees are:

• Greenleaf Apothecaries, located at 111 Vine St. across from the North Market.

• Harvest of Ohio, located at 2950 N. High St., just south of Weber Road.

• 127 OH, located at 1361 Georgesville Rd, adjacent to the Walmart off I-270.

• Verdant Creations, which does not have a building site yet, just a parcel of land on Cassady Avenue.

• Cannamed Therapeutics, located at 656 Grandview Ave., directly next to a bar, Woodland’s Backyard.


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy announced the 56 dispensary statewide license recipients Monday.

Out of the six counties surrounding Columbus, only two — Licking and Fairfield — were awarded dispensaries.

Licking County received three, all located in Newark. Fairfield County received one dispensary, located in Carroll, near Lancaster.

Steven Schierholt, the board’s director, said his team took several

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