With rise of legal marijuana in some states, drug education moves from ‘don’t’ to ‘delay’

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California legalized marijuana in 2016, and on Jan. 1, 2018, eager customers lined up in the darkness outside medical marijuana dispensaries across the state, ready to start shopping at the stroke of midnight.

The effect has gone beyond the cannabis cash register. Everyone has seen the ads or heard the chatter — and that includes minors, though marijuana remains illegal for those under 21.

“Coming out of SFO airport, there are billboards for Eaze [a weed delivery service] that say ‘Marijuana is here,’ ” says Danielle Ramo, a psychologist who conducts research at UCSF on adolescent drug use. “I’m not sure parents were expecting to see so many images of cannabis all over.”

The rollout of legal recreational marijuana in California

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