9 Nut Milk Recipes That Put the Watered-Down Store-Bought Stuff to Shame

We know: Buying nut milk is so convenient. And it can be relatively inexpensive if you stick to staple brands like Almond Breeze and Whole Foods’ 365. But nothing beats homemade. If you want ultra-creamy, perfectly nutty, smooth-as-can-be nut milk, making it yourself is the way to go. And fortunately, it’s not that hard (if you have a little patience). These nine DIY nut milk recipes, ranging from almond milk recipes to cashew ones, are all the proof—and flavors—you need.

It’s worth noting that homemade nut milk only stays fresh a few days (it’s recommended you down it within three days), but we don’t think that’ll be a problem—we couldn’t even make ours last one!


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