It comes from cannabis but won’t make you high

Local Surecare pharmacy launches CBD product line

While it won’t be the first business to offer cannabidiol medicine in El Paso, Surecare Specialty Pharmacy will be one of the first to produce its own line of CBD products.

The locally owned pharmacy recently contracted Folium Biosciences, a Colorado-based hemp product wholesaler, to supply cannabidiol, also known as CBD. The pharmacy plans to release its line of products in two weeks.

“For clients, especially those that tend to have chronic pain or suffer from anxiety and don’t want to get on a prescription medication, an alternative like CBD will benefit El Pasoans,” said Paul Galbiati, president of Surecare. “We’re working on the bottle logos.”

CBD, which comes from the cannabis plant, has grown in popularity across the United States as an alternative treatment. It is widely used to treat symptoms of depression, epilepsy, nausea and other medical ailments. The products can be in the form

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