VERIFY: Could CBD edibles soon be illegal in Texas?

The uncertainty around the legality of CBD oils in the state of Texes might be getting very clear very soon.

Cannabis advocacy groups are claiming the state will soon go in and seize all hemp cannabidiol food products, making them illegal to sell in Texas.

We wanted to verify if that can actually happen.

Many of you have heard of them, but some maybe not. CBD oils made from hemp plants. People who use them say they relieve stress and can have positive effects on medical conditions.

Right now, they are sold legally at smoke shops in Texas, because the oils don’t contain THC – the part of pot that makes people feel “high.”

But what we’re trying to verify is if that will soon change.

Texas Cannabis Industry Association’s website lays out its concern, saying don’t let taxes ban CBD sales. Our Verify team went to the Department of State Health Services to find

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