The Original Goddess Dressing: Ancient Origins of the Salad Staple

There are many inventions we modern day Earthlings don’t give their due credit, and many of those things come from Mesopotamia—the Cradle of Civilization. Well, salad dressing happens to be one of those items. Sit right back and let’s take your ancient alien ass to around 3500 BCE.

Some have said that the first salad dressing came from Babylon, created by the sixth ruler of the dynasty, Hammurabi. This is not true, however. Hammurabi did create the Code of Hammurabi, which was a set of laws that ensured citizens weren’t taken advantage of by other people or businesses, i.e., that no one peed in your salad dressing. But he wasn’t the one who created the dressing itself.

No, salad dressing was created before that, by the Goddess Inanna, when she was a young lady. Young and in love. A chef by the name of Nuru Bashalu was at the Goddess’ service, but

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