Jadore Begins Cannabis Sales Before West Hollywood Confirms Permit Process


While the City of West Hollywood is still putting together the complex process for screening applicants for recreational cannabis retail and delivery licenses, Jadore, a cigar and tobacco retailer at 8741 Santa Monica Blvd. near Hancock, already has begun selling cannabis products on its second floor.

WeedMaps, a website that lists cannabis retailers across the country, says the shop sells indica and sativa types of cannabis and also hybrid cannabis. It also says that Jadore sells extracts that can be inhaled by vaping and edibles such as “peach drops” and “strawberry banana rings.” The shop sells bongs, which are devices for smoking cannabis, and pre-rolled marijuana joints (think traditional cigarettes, but with cannabis rather than tobacco).

WEHOville was alerted to the shop by one of its customers. It apparently is owned by Mykhail Akvlinin. The OpenGovUS.com website says he opened the cigar and tobacco

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