Chef Leather Storrs Shares His Cannabis-Infused Recipe For ‘Stoney Bacon Chocolate Chips’

At the buzzy intersection of salty and sweet you’ll find “stoney,” the flavor you crave when you blaze. And that’s the best way to describe my recipe for potato chips covered in dark chocolate that’s been infused with bacon fat and THC.

When MagicalButter sent me their new line of compound chocolate to test, I was infusing some bacon fat into pork rillettes for my Potted Pork. The bacon fat is supple, deeply smoky and has a suave mouthfeel. The chocolate is brittle, intentionally lean, ready to accept a generous amount of your fat of choice. My mind began to boggle and out popped this stoney love song— bacon fat dark chocolate covered potato chips with candied bacon.

These are idiotically easy to make if you have the MagicalButter “close encounters cooker” (also known as the MB2e) and some of that sexy chocolate from MagicalButter. 

My bacon fat came back

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