Don’t Call It Pot: My Dinner With San Francisco’s Cannabis Gourmets

Chron Vivant

San Francisco’s first ever Thursday Infused, a “gourmet series for the canna-curious,” begins at 6:30pm one evening in March. I’m greeted at the door of a handsome purple Victorian house by Jamie Evans, a willowy blonde in a yellow silk dress who organizes events under the name the Herb Somm. Another woman in red lipstick hands me a glass of pink Prosecco. I realize I am under-dressed, one of many faux pas I will make around this group of elite San Francisco entrepreneurs trading in cannabis-infused luxury foods.

My wardrobe choice wasn’t my first mistake. That came earlier in the week when I emailed the event’s chef, Michael Magallanes, a veteran of the Michelin-starred restaurant Aziza. I wondered how an expert in molecular gastronomy would

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