Even in reliably red Texas, cannabis entrepreneurs expect some green soon – Post

DALLAS — As state after state loosens laws on the sale of marijuana, a whole industry has sprung up to serve the fast-growing market for cannabis and related products.

Even in Texas, which hasn’t legalized marijuana, some entrepreneurs are planting their flags early, wagering that the Lone Star State will one day have its own “green rush.”

While for legal reasons they operate mainly on the periphery of the industry, there’s plenty of business to be had — selling everything from cannabis oil tinctures to the flooring used in greenhouses that grow marijuana.

Along with the typical challenges of any business, companies that work in the cannabis industry in Texas must navigate conflicting state and federal laws, risk backlash from banks and state agencies and overcome the stigma of selling a product that some consider dangerous or taboo.

But being a part of a young and thriving industry also comes with a shot of

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