Op Ed: We Need a Real Public Conversation About Consumption

Many of the proposed solutions either require me, a dedicated father of three, loving husband and business professional, to hide in a dark, seedy location off some back street, or some other alternative where I can’t bring my non-cannabis friends because they don’t want to hang out in a cannabis-only environment. Either way, I as the consumer have no choices and am still trapped by outdated rules, while my booze-drinking counterparts get to run amok in restaurants, bars, concerts, kids’ events, parties, private events, mobile “bike bars,” sporting events, outdoor festivals…and the list goes on and on. While I am subjected to being forced into undesirable situations for my far safer product, anyone who likes to binge-drink can do so wherever they feel like it. I wish these other initiatives would find success, but they won’t because they don’t incorporate the mainstream cannabis consumption issues. Most of the

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