March 9, 2018

With recreational cannabis legalization still months away, some local chefs and restaurant owners are already looking to the future culinary uses of this popular plant. Although weed-laden brownies, cookies, gummies and even pop line the shelves of the grey-area dispensaries that have popped up in Canada’s major cities, once the legal recreational cannabis regime comes into force, stores licensed by […]

Sonoma resident Paula Wolfert is the author of eight cookbooks, all considered classics. Among them: “Couscous and Other Good Food From Morocco,” “The Cooking of Southwest France,” and five books on Mediterranean cuisine including “Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean.” She has won the Julia Child Award three times, the James Beard Award five times, the […]

There are many reasons for eating marijuana instead of smoking it—edibles give you a different sort of high, they say, and certainly delay the drug’s psychoactive effects, and pose no harm to your lungs—but flavor has not traditionally been one of them. The edibles of yore were concocted more for their potency than for their […]