Packaging requirements for cannabis are stringent, says PMMI Business Intelligence

Cannabis can be segmented into three broad categories: Flowers, Concentrates, and Edibles. The differing product types all have unique packaging needs.

Cannabis flower products are dried flowers that are smoked. Some common packaging types include:

  • Airtight, odor-proof glass jars are preferred by many cannabis companies as they are reusable – and consumers are likely to re-use them after purchase, heightening brand awareness.
  • Pyrex tube jars are less expensive than glass jars and have more options for custom printing and lid options.
  • Smell-proof bags are generally the most cost-effective option. These are opaque bags that have zippers to reseal and can be heat sealed, making them tamper evident.

Cannabis concentrates are any product made by extraction (e.g., oils, waxes). Common packaging types include: