SC woman says medicine made from marijuana saved her beloved dog

ROCK HILL, S.C. — Pot for pets is a hit with pet parents nationwide and it’s recent introduction in the Carolinas is already making an impact for some.

“It’s heartbreaking and it started getting frustrating,” said Lisa Kersey.

Lisa Kersey is the dog mom of 14-year-old Beau. But her beloved lab hadn’t been himself.

“He was lost he really didn’t know,” said Kersey, tears running down her face “It took him a while to eat. He kept looking over to the side where she was.”

Lisa lost Beau’s sister Maggie to cancer this past October.

“I’m sorry it’s hard to talk about that,” said Kersey. “So that’s when his seizures increased.”

And Beau’s quality of life continued to decline.

“He was more wobbly,” said Kersey. “He couldn’t walk.”

After spending hundreds on traditional treatment, Lisa hit a dead end. Beau has been suffering from seizures for three years. So she looked into new edibles and oils containing

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