Supreme Organics: Pop Art Inspired Branding for Sweet Cannabis Confections

Based in Los Angeles, Supreme Organics is a cannabis edibles brand best known for its gummies and fruit chews. They also make peanut butter cups, gourmet chocolate truffles, peppermint patties, hard sweets in rare flavors like blackberry and grapefruit hibiscus, plus inedible cannabis products like raw flower, oils, and concentrates.

Supreme Organics edibles are made in the company’s downtown Los Angeles kitchen. The company controls every step of the process in-house and calls it seed-to-you, “which is our version of the whole farm-to-table thing.”

Since California legalized recreational cannabis in January, CEO Michael Hurt said the company has been working on getting up to speed with new edibles regulations.

Michael Hurt, CEO of Supreme Organics

“Los Angeles has been like running an ultra-marathon on no sleep, literally,” Hurt said. “We’re still tying up loose ends with licensing, but orders are going crazy. People are finally receptive

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