Marijuana advocate Dennis Peron had strong Sonoma County ties

An unrelenting advocate for marijuana’s decriminalization, Dennis Peron was pushing a wheelchair for a woman with multiple sclerosis on a dirt road at his Lake County pot farm sometime about 1998 when the sound of a helicopter had them look to the sky.

The Chinook hovered close and Peron locked eyes with the armed law enforcement officers sitting in the open doors, the wind of the thrumming tandem rotors blowing through Peron’s 150 marijuana plants, some as tall as a house, recalled his husband, John Entwistle.

That’s what Peron wanted: A high-profile pot farm that would attract attention from law enforcement, a test case for California’s medical marijuana law he helped to write.

“He looks up, ‘Go away, beat it!’ laughing at them and waving them off,” said Entwistle. “He was like the man in Tiananmen Square standing up

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