Henry’s Originals Cannabis-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards Are The Perfect Gift For The Weed Enthusiast In Your Life

Forget boxes of chocolates and chicken nugget bouquets. (Yes, they exist, but that’s for another time.) This year, cannabis Valentine’s Day cards will get you the most (pot) brownie points on Feb. 14. In honor of the annual celebration of romantic love, California-based cannabis company Henry’s Original teamed up with graphic designer Priscilla Witte to create punny, weed-themed versions of the Valentine’s cards you used to give your classmates when you were a kid. Throughout February, every pack of pre-rolled joints comes with a card emblazoned with captions like “you’re dope” or “weed be good together.” If you’re hoping to win over someone new this year, these cards will help you totally smoke any romantic competition.

According to a press release emailed to Bustle, each pack of pre-rolls contains three joints made with “artisanal heirloom cannabis” grown in

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