Is X Games ready to embrace Aspen’s extreme marijuana scene?

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Colorado since Jan. 1, 2014, but as what I like to call the “headquarters of high country” nears the annual Winter X Games, the consumption conundrum remains. The nearly 100,000 attendees that will descend upon Aspen can purchase cannabis — at no less than six dispensaries in the downtown core — but they can’t smoke it. Anywhere.

Adding fuel to my fire of opinion this year is the reimplementation of an on-site beer garden, sure to tempt the notoriously rowdy crowd to continue their binge drinking sessions from the Intercept Lot and into each evening’s competitions and concerts (many of whom are also sneaking flasks and/or consuming cannabis and/or far worse substances inside the venue, too).

While ESPN does not drug test its competing athletes, it enforces the following as its official policy: “X

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