How to cook with cannabis and not bake your dinner guests …

Phipps gives her cooking demo at Lift 2018 (Photograph by Jen Osborne)

Diandra Phipps is on stage at the Vancouver Convention Centre demonstrating a vegan poached pear recipe that packs an extra zing. Along side the star anise, sweet Muscato wine and caramel date sauce is small jar of coconut oil infused with White Widow, a high-THC cannabis strain sold by Tilray, one of Canada’s licensed medical marijuana producers.

Phipps, a young raven-haired chef from Halifax, apologizes for not being able to share the finished product. Unlike most trade shows, where exhibitors hawk their wares, cannabis products at the second annual Lift Cannabis Expo, are still technically illegal so are not supposed to be bought, sold or given away. There were a few free samples of lotions and tinctures on offer, but no edibles or plain old bud for sale—at least not inside

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