Let he who is with cinnamon be the first stoned | Recipe | The …

Cinnamon buns can come from a can or a mall kiosk, but the homemade buns are where it’s at. It’s a rich and puffy dough that gets brown and crispy but only in a delicate, bunlike fashion. The rest is all doughy goodness. They’re fluffy and pull apart with no effort, like the best desserts.

This would be a good time to use fancy sugars, spices, and eggs and butter, since you’ll be tasting so much of that in the finished product. You also don’t have to use strictly cinnamon; adding other zippy spices to the mix like ginger, clove and cardamom make things more interesting. Copious amounts of butter and sugar and now THC are all supporting roles for some of the best buns around.

Canna-cinnamon buns

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