What’s in Your Weed? Touring Florida’s Marijuana Testing Lab

Medical marijuana is not at all like other prescribed drugs. It’s a living, cultivated product. Whereas most pharmaceuticals are mass-produced according to recipes that result from chemical testing and engineering, cannabis is a crop. And just like tomatoes or soybeans, there’s no real guarantee that one harvest will be the same as another.

So how do you know exactly which herb will be the most beneficial for your ailment? How can Florida’s doctors, many of whom have never prescribed medical marijuana, know which strain, concentration, and dosage is right for their patients? That space between the grower, physician, and patient is where Christopher Martinez, president and cofounder of Evio Labs Florida, has found his niche.

The 30-year-old graduated magna cum laude with a degree in health-care administration from Barry University and has been working in the field of medical machinery for ten years. He

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