MMJ: Fire At Will

I really need help: I am a 60-year-old medical marijuana patient and I recently got offered a position that requires a drug test. I really want this job. Besides abstaining from 4:20, what else can I do to pass his drug test? I have about three weeks. Please help. Thank you. – Loki Downlow

What a drag. California is an “at will” state, so employers can definitely fire you or refuse to hire you if you use cannabis, even though cannabis is now legal. And before you ask, this has already been challenged in court (see Ross vs Ragingwire, 2008). It’s a shame. THC can stay in the bloodstream long after the effects of the drug have worn off, so even though a person may test positive for marijuana, it doesn’t mean they were high at work.

People say three weeks is just about enough time to pass a drug test. Abstaining from

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