Most Innovative Companies of 2018 in Cannabis Industry

There is a constant growth of innovation in the Cannabis industry as the market is increasingly growing – more states are beginning to legalize cannabis. This means more demand and more innovations to satisfy the product consumers. According to Verena Von Pfetten, nearly $7 billion revenue was generated by Cannabis Industry in 2016 and the statistics expect the figure to go more than double in 2020.

High tech innovations introduced by various companies as a means of ensuring quality delivery and maintenance or improvement of product quality are not anything negligible. Most of which include lighting technology using LEDs, flavored marijuana, Isolated Terpenes, and Solventless Extraction Technology. There is a lot to achieve in the Cannabis Industry which existing evaluations will currently fail to ascertain.

Below is our list of the most innovative companies of 2018 in the Cannabis Industry.

Eaze is a cannabis company

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