Q&A with Lift Cannabis CEO Matei Olaru

Olaru (middle) speaks at last year’s Cannabis Expo. 

A marijuana industry leader dishes on running “Canada’s premier cannabis event”

There’s not much use in trying to predict the year to come; just look at how little success prognosticators have had in the past. But if there’s one thing we’d wager on in 2018, it’s that the cannabis market in Canada will keep filling up with people you wouldn’t usually associate with marijuana.

For these newcomers, who include some of the country’s top minds, it’s an opportunity to join a burgeoning industry—the same reason your neighbour has been scrolling threads on 4chan and Reddit in an effort to track his bitcoin investment. 

Take Matei Olaru. A Toronto resident, Olaru earned a B.Comm. at Queen’s University before completing a law degree at Western University and spending four months as a consultant at the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C.

When he returned to Ontario, Olaru was hired on by Stikeman Elliot LLP as a summer student.

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