Diego Pellicer offers cannabis with class – The Spokesman

At 24 years old, Alejandro Canto presents himself as a confident entrepreneur and sage businessman, wise beyond his years.

Canto is the majority owner of Diego Pellicer, perhaps the most cultivated (pun intended) cannabis retailer in Seattle, perhaps the whole state.

The shop is named after Diego Pellicer, a 19th century Spanish hemp producer whose Philippine-grown crops were used for clothing, oils, building materials and unbreakable rope for the Spanish Armada.

Canto also was born in Spain, but grew up in Miami, before moving to Seattle two-and-a-half years ago to start Diego Pellicer, which opened at the end of 2016.

He knew that when the time was right, things would work out for him to jump into the new legal cannabis business.

“We are the shop that people call home – the shop you can bring your mom to,” Canto said.

Entering Diego Pellicer in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, you quickly realize there’s

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