A Look Back at 2017’s Biggest Food Trends

Some could say 2017 was a year of politics, confusion, shock, and uncertainty. But a poke at Google Trends data shows that in the food world at least, there were many opportunities to escape the commotion that was the rest of living in 2017. That is: If Americans were looking for a release, they found it in food. A look at this year’s top food trends shows the country’s hunger for the diverse, the magical, the nostalgic, and the euphoric. Here are 2017’s top food trends, according to the Internet:

Jamaican cuisine

Jamaican-inspired menus have been growing in popularity over the last few years, but 2017 was the cuisine’s breakout year. As Eater reported, this might be due to the growing number of chefs who, in an effort to make the island’s food more familiar and accessible to Americans, have been fusing Jamaican flavors with

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