How To Consume Cannabis Edibles With Confidence

Following is a conversation with Leah D’Ambrosio, co-founder of BakedSmart and Sconed Edibles, about her efforts to legitimize the edible industry and promote responsible use.

What was the impetus for creating Cannacals?  

Michael Treadway and I started a small edible company, Sconed, in 2015 and from it’s inception we knew there was no way we wanted to have our edibles out and not have them marked. We looked for different solutions but found there really wasn’t anyone creating a way to mark edibles that was affordable and easy to use.

Seeing a need for a way to mark our edibles, we met with a manufacturer who has bene making bakery decorations for 60 years. They created edible images with a green cross design for us to use on our toffee and agree to partner with us to provide other edible companies a way to mark their edibles. About the same time our

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