Mexico Aims to Legalize Cannabis-Based Edibles, Medicines, and Cosmetics Next Year

This week, Mexico’s health department announced that they were drafting regulations to allow the sales of cannabis-based foods, drinks, cosmetics, and medicine next year. Arturo Tornel, spokesperson for The Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risk (Cofepris), which establishes health regulations in the country, said that the formal guidelines concerning these new products will be published within the next several days.

Tornel explained that sales of pure cannabis flower will not be allowed, nor will Mexican canna-businesses be allowed to grow their own crops. Cofepris expects distributors and retailers to import the cannabis products they wish to sell from other countries, although some Mexican firms may eventually be allowed to create their own products using cannabis that’s imported from abroad. Companies may begin importing approved products as soon as the regulations are released, which will allow sales to begin as early as next month.

This June, Mexico passed a bill legalizing

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