Custom Growing Recipes From Advanced Nutrients’ Master Growers

According to Advanced Nutrients’ Michael “BigMike” Straumietis, a common misconception is that growing cannabis organically means simply cultivating the crop using only growing elements, such as nutrients and water, that are free of synthetic substances or other chemicals, or that it means growing the plant naturally outdoors. However, BigMike says that growing organically goes much deeper than that.

“You have to consider everything: What was the growing medium it was grown in? What nutrients were used? What types of pesticides were used? All of that matters,” he says. “Then it goes even deeper: How were those products you’re using manufactured? What processes and chemicals were used to produce them?”

To truly claim that cannabis is grown organically, the cannabis expert says, all these factors are important to consider, and if any one factor is ignored, a cultivator cannot claim to produce an organic product.

Growers must follow general practices with their

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