Denver Shuts Down 26 Legal Cannabis Businesses, Makes Arrests

UPDATE, Dec. 15, 2017: Denver Westword’s Thomas Mitchell reports that, as of Friday, authorities had arrested 13 people in connection with the Thursday’s raids on Sweet Leaf dispensaries. Police said they conducted the raids because Sweet Leaf employees were allegedly selling customers more cannabis than allowed under state law, a practice called “looping.” State regulators have also suspended 26 of the company’s cultivation, processing, and retail licenses. A hearing is expected within 30 days. None of the chain’s co-owners were among those arrested, Mitchell reports, noting that “most of the employees taken into custody were budtenders or lower-level employees.” —Eds.

DENVER (AP) — Denver authorities shut down 26 legal marijuana businesses Thursday and arrested 12 people suspected of illegal distribution of cannabis after a yearlong criminal investigation.

Potential charges relate to marijuana sales exceeding limits set in state law, police said. Colorado allows people 21 and older to

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