Why Was Food So Weird in the 70s?

This story first appeared on VICE Quebec.

With the holidays coming up fast, a lot of us are gearing up for the many traditional feasts that await us. But when discussing classic holiday foods with colleagues, I noticed that most of our families have at the very least one super shady dish, that we seem to only keep on the table for the sake of tradition. From salads in aspic (that meat jelly thing) to sandwich loafs, there seem to be an endless list of weird foods that get prepared around this season, and that can all be traced back to cookbooks dating from the 50s to the 70s.

Pick up any Cold War-era cookbook and you’ll find outlandish dishes like ham-wrapped bananas slathered in hollandaise or Jell-O and tuna pie. In hindsight, it’s easy for our generation of foodies to find this stuff weird, or downright gross. And yet, those

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