Food & Weed: For chef Jaime Lewis, the sweet spot with edibles is the fresh mind-set

The allure of foodie fandom propelled Jaime Lewis’ early career as a professional chef in San Francisco, but a chance encounter inspired a new calling in medicinal cannabis edibles.

“I wanted to be a culinary rockstar,” she told The Cannabist over the phone. “I love cooking for people and providing something that I made with love, and putting together things that taste good and are layered with a lot of depth.”

This joy of sharing her creations and the healing aspects of cannabis grew when she met a man with wasting syndrome while working in a San Francisco kitchen in 2006. The illness zaps calories almost immediately, causing the afflicted person to suffer involuntary weight loss and muscle wasting. On top of that, the medicine this man had been taking severely dwindled his appetite.

That’s where

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