Is This Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream The Ideal Introduction To Edibles?

You probably haven’t had a bad experience involving ice cream (assuming you’re not lactose intolerant or a monster.)

This is the simple philosophy that inspired Drip, the THC-infused ice cream created by Andi Bixel of Portland, Oregon.

Bixel first conceived of the idea about three years ago, and she says it “instantly became more than just weed and ice cream.”

“It was this product that nobody had ever seen or tried before, so people were really open to having a new experience with it,” Bixel tells Civilized.

Bixel believes the edible’s novel nature – along with ice cream’s longstanding reputation as a fun, shareable treat – are partly what’ve made Drip such a smashing success.

“I realized while making that first [batch of cannabis ice cream] with my friends that we were all [on board] to take this pretty cool journey together; if I would’ve made something like brownies, people probably would’ve been more

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