High DIY: How to Infuse a Home-Delivered Meal Kit With Cannabis

As a person who prides herself in serving up tasty dinners on the cheap, the idea of meal kit services kind of kill the fun for me. It’s exciting when I figure out how to whip up a dope meal for less than $4 per serving, and grocery shopping is like therapy for me. Even so, oftentimes I’m strapped for ideas, so when I got a sweet HelloFresh coupon in the mail with an offer I couldn’t pass up, I decided I would get one—and try infusing the dishes.

I signed up in seconds with my Facebook account and ordered my first box. I was surprised by the range of options I could choose from—they were all nutritious and creative, and not at all as basic as I had imagined. I picked the Cherry Balsamic Pork which had been documented as their Hall of Fame

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