Edible Marijuana Products Pose Risks to Children, Annals of Emergency Medicine Study Finds

Many edible candies or baked products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) look like familiar commercially available products. For example, children are known to inadvertently eat gummies, because they look and taste just like popular candies.

“Children – and even some adults – can have trouble differentiating between candy and marijuana-infused edibles,” said Kathy T. Vo, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of California San Francisco and lead study author. “Child-resistant packaging requirements are getting stronger in some states, but the close resemblance to familiar candies still poses significant risk to children.”

The nonspecific signs of THC intoxication in children, coupled with the potential reluctance of family members to disclose the possibility of marijuana exposure, make it a difficult diagnosis for emergency physicians, the study says. Immunoassays, or drug tests, for THC in children showing signs of intoxication can save time and money in the emergency room —if the

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