How to Pair Marijuana with Your Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving is stressful. Whether you’re preparing a huge Friendsgiving feast for your crew or headed to a family gathering, it’s an easy holiday to get overwhelmed by. While your typical move might be to drown all that stress in Pinot Noir, with the increase in the availability of recreational marijuana, weed might be making an appearance at some holiday celebrations this year as well.

So, how do you pair marijuana with Thanksgiving? We chatted with Eaze’s Sheena Shiravi about the right way to make it happen:

The best solution: low-dose drops and tinctures, vaporizers, or edibles.

“CBD drops and tinctures are becoming a growing category,” says Shiravi. She says putting CBD drops (CBD is key here) in your drink as you go will likely ultimately lead you to consume less alcohol over the course of the day, and allow you to

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