Cannabis Butter

The following recipe was originally published on The Herb Somm.

There’s nothing better than adding soft, smooth butter to a recipe. The richness increases depth to the flavor and can bring delicious creaminess to a variety of foods. How about adding cannabis to that butter? Even better!

Throughout The Herb Somm guides, we use many recipes incorporating gourmet cannabis butter also known as “CannaButter.” From baked goodies to creamy soup, and from risotto to sautéed steak, there are so many ways to use this versatile cooking essential.

Similar to making infused cannabis olive oil, creating a CannaButter at home can be time-consuming but very rewarding. When cooking, remember to keep temperatures low and prepare slow in order for the THC to activate correctly (change into its psychoactive form). Low temperatures also help preserve terpenes, which add desirable aromas and can

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