There is no evidence to support fear that your kids could be given marijuana edibles while trick-or-treating on …

At least two police departments in Massachusetts are warning parents to inspect their children’s Halloween candy for marijuana edibles.

But there has never been a recorded case of any one giving cannabis candy — or razor blade apples, or poisoned Kit Kat bars — to trick or treaters, according to fact checkers and a University of Delaware professor who studies Halloween poisoning myths.

Professor Joel Best has scoured news outlets for reports of dangerous Halloween candy since 1985, when rumors of malicious adults handing out poisoned chocolate bars and razor blade-spiked apples had already sparked a minor national panic.

What he found is that every reported case was either a hoax, or in one tragic case, a father deliberately killing his own child and using the rumor as a cover story.

“The bottom line is I have never ever found a report of a child killed or seriously hurt by a contaminated treat,” Best said. “There

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