How to safely try cannabutter or cannabis oil when you don’t know …

Hey, Cannabist!
I’m thoroughly confused. A cannabis grower relative gave me a jar of green cannabis oil, I expect made with coconut oil. I have no idea how to use it! No idea of its potency or THC level and cannot reach him by phone or text. What do I do to “test” this stuff? Do I melt some of it in a skillet and put a tiny bit on a cracker? Do I make brownies? I’ve looked for answers on Google and all I get are directions on how to make the cannabis oil, no real suggestions as to how to ingest it when one doesn’t know potency. I’m 77, and don’t want an overreaction. Thanks. — Senior Newbie

Hey, Senior Newbie!
Great Scott! How rude of him to not return your calls or texts. Let’s sort this out

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