This Weed Warrior Is Breaking Barriers In The Marijuana Movement

She and Durrah opened a medical marijuana dispensary five years earlier and started selling medicinal weed and edibles, like pot brownies, out of the first incarnation of their Simply Pure brand. James says at that time, the biggest challenge was making up a business plan because this was uncharted territory.

“We had no special licenses; we had no guidelines on how to grow or where to purchase,” she recalls. “Edibles were made by people in their homes.” As a professional chef, Durrah started to worry–not that people would overdose, but that the lack of training in proper food handling could make people sick.

The couple would go on to become major writers of the state’s edibles regulations, which were important to curtail the notorious unpredictability of edible dosing. “We were the first to cook with whole bud and guarantee consistent dosing,” James says. They were also the first to offer 100% organic, vegan,

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