Diversity of Delivery Systems Emerge as Marijuana Legalized

As cannabis proceeds along its slow, state-by-state, journey toward legalization, it brings with it a new industry that looks increasingly like the craft beer business. For the first time, Americans, at least in some parts of the country, can exercise consumer choice when it comes to their marijuana. A multitude of small enterprises have emerged to capture demographics previously put off by the social taint and practical complications of its unlawful procurement, releasing products branded to match active, health-conscious, and luxury-oriented lifestyles.

Today’s marijuana industry promises a quality of experience suited to connoisseurship.  In the same way that American beer drinkers have learned the difference between ales and lagers, weed smokers can determine whether they prefer sativa or indica, the primary species of cannabis plant. Equally important is the delivery system. While rolling a joint with the dried flowers of the cannabis plant remains a popular

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