13 Cannabis-Infused Recipes for Edibles | StyleCaster

Whether you have a medical marijuana card in a state where it’s legal to buy edibles like cannabis-infused espresso beans or mints, or the edibles you consume are made at home—if you’ve ever had a marijuana-laced gummy bear or brownie, you’re likely well aware that the experience is significantly different from smoking a joint or from a vape.

It makes sense: You’re literally digesting the weed, rather than having it go straight to your brain or your blood—so you get more of a physical, bodily high. “When you eat cannabis, it’s processed by your liver and the THC gets metabolized into compound called 11 hydroxy THC—a different molecule from regular THC—and it’s more psychoactive,” says Corinne Tobias, a functional cannabis coach and the proprietor of Wake and Bake, an edibles blog featuring healthy vegan edibles recipes infused with cannabis coconut oil.

Tobias, who’s 32 and based in Peyona, Colorado, describes

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