Green Report: Cannabis Beverages

A Dixie Elixir in a pink 200 mg bottleA Dixie Elixir in a pink 200 mg bottle
200 mg Dixie Elixir (Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

One of the best and most effective ways to absorb cannabinoids is through a liquid beverage. As far as edibles go however, drinks are not the most popular for some reason. However, marijuana beverages are some of my favorite edibles for a number of reasons.

When consuming edibles, there are two different absorption methods: an oral uptake and a gastrointestinal uptake. Both of these methods have their own benefits and differences.

Oral uptake involves things like tinctures, candies, sprays, and the like. These all involve a form of THC that is absorbed through the user’s saliva, and makes its way to the blood faster. The effects are normally quick to

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