What could marijuana edibles mean for Ontario restaurants?

People want to eat marijuana. Which is odd, because it doesn’t taste good, and the intoxication is like an all-you-can-worry anxiety buffet. Plus, in its current, black-market form, there’s no way to know how much THC is in each bite, or whether the product has been lab-tested to confirm its contents.

Nevertheless, people love it: Dalhousie University recently conducted a survey on public perception of marijuana edibles. Of 1,087 Canadians polled, 39 per cent said they’d try it if it were available in restaurants.

Bakers and chefs are lining up to meet that demand. “I spend the vast majority of my time cooking with weed, developing various methods and recipes,” says Matt Salvesen, former cook at WVRST and Sweet Jesus, in Toronto. “I want to have the knowledge by the time it becomes legal badly enough to work on these methods in the privacy of my own home until then.”

The good news

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